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Wrong account number

Joining in

Hello! I ordered broadband a few weeks ago. However it had to be cancelled. I replaced the order on the 27th. 

[MOD EDIT: Removed] Is my existing account number but it should end in 04. It hasn’t been updated on my app. 

can someone help me please. 

[MOD EDIT: Removed] is my email


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there zoomer999,

Welcome back to the community.

To clarify, does the active service have the correct package pricing etc?

Also are they located at the same address (refrain from posting any sensitive details if so).




its the exact same address. I’ve placed the new order but the app hasn’t updated it. Can you send me a DM. I’m still waiting for a WhatsApp reply. 

Thanks for the response, 

So just for further clarification, is this current account due to be closed?

Thanks again,


Hello Kain.

It should already be closed. But because I took out the new order with the same email address it still has the details of the older one which has been cancelled. Can you DM me so we can update the app. It’s still linked to my previous account which has been cancelled. 

Hi @zoomer999, thanks for getting back to us.

I would love to have a closer look at this on your behalf and see what we can arrange.  I am going to send you a private message.  Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.