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Unable to log in or register to Virgin apps

Joining in

I was a former virgin media customer and left the service for about 3 years. I have now reactivated and back to Virgin media and I registered using the same email address as I have for my previous account.

I am unable to use any of the digital services. I get the message " sorry you have left..." or something along that line when I try to login to virgin media go and My virgin media. Fresh registration doesn't help either because that requires the same email I used to register and it subsequently give the same error message. "Sorry you have left us"

This is confusing especially as I have just rejoined. How do I resolve this?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi bussayo,


Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂


Sorry you've had some issues registering your online account, can you confirm if you have a different email address you're able to register with?



I have another email address that could be used although this is not the same email I registered my account with 

That's fine bussayo,


If you can please give that a go and report back 🙂