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Sorry, there was a problem registering that password. Please choose a different one.

Joining in

Can someone help with this please - unable to register to Virgin Media


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Louise237, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the difficulty you've faced when trying to register for the self-care account.

Can you please confirm if you've been able to clear the cache on the browser you're using, or an alternative browser?



Yes, I've just cleared the cache, still the same issue

Hi Louise237

Thank you for trying.

Can you try via the app instead please?

Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Not working via the app either, can't click on next button - this is getting ridiculous and I'm starting to regret signing up with VM - can someone assist me asap with this

I'm so sorry that this has happened @Louise237 

I'm going to pop you a PM so we can take a look into this, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.

Joining in

What sort of tech company is this? One shouldn't have to clear one's cache, or change their browser, or "try the app" only to create an account?

I am also trying now to change my password and after the 50th attempt I am giving up. From what I can tell this issue has been around for well over a year now - what is taking so long seriously?


What is wrong with VM????!?!?!?!?

That's not to mention that service keeps cutting off in W11.

Hi there @Louise237 and thank you for chatting with me via the PM, I'm so glad you have now been able to sign up and I am so sorry for the inconvenience. 

Please do pop back to the forums again in the future should you need any help and we will do all we can to assist.


Hi there @jbeausejour 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry to hear that you are also facing this issues, we do ask typical diagnostics questions as these quick fixes can in some instances resolve the issue and we want to make sure we try everything to get this fixed for you. 

Can I ask if you have had a My Virgin Media account registered with this email in the past?