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Returning customer cant register online

Tuning in

Hi I'm a returning customer as i left last year and my services are set to start again tomorrow. I recieved an email to register for my virgin media. I can't do this as every time I input my email it says sorry your leaving and won't let me re register. I tried online help and they said it will work when services start but I don't think it will. Sounds like my old account is linked to my email so this needs reset will someone on here be able to do this? 


Good to hear I still can't register and I have had no contact from the I.T team. My services were installed on the 8th. 

Hi @Stewrog1982


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


I'm going to drop you a private message now to collect some more information, please keep an eye on your inbox.



Forum Team

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Can a member of the team please get in touch with me as I am having the same issue too.

I tried to resolve it by using a modified email, but the verification email does not load anything I can use to complete my profile. Possibly related to the way I modified the email, or the fact that it doesn't match the email I registered for service with.

I'm sure the customer service team are as frustrated by this as the customers, but it's not very encouraging that customers who clearly had reason to leave Virgin in the past are greeted with an issue like this when they take a chance on the company again.

My issue was sorted much quicker when I rang and spoke to them direct. They were able to reset the email there and then. The private messages are help but they take ages to get back to you and you are in an endless queue waiting for an IT ticket.

Great to hear it got sorted, cheers for the heads up!

Joining in

Can someone PM please also, experiencing the same issue logging in and returning customer with same email address.

Hey egorm - thanks for your post and welcome to the forums 🙂 


I will pop you over a private message to arrange! 




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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