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Returning customer cant register online

Tuning in

Hi I'm a returning customer as i left last year and my services are set to start again tomorrow. I recieved an email to register for my virgin media. I can't do this as every time I input my email it says sorry your leaving and won't let me re register. I tried online help and they said it will work when services start but I don't think it will. Sounds like my old account is linked to my email so this needs reset will someone on here be able to do this? 


Hi @Stewrog1982, thanks for your messages.
I'm sorry to hear you're still having problems, but I can see that you've been communicating with Molly via PM just for the purposes of this thread since your post - let's hope this is sorting soon for you.

Many thanks


Another update the forum team have confirmed IT will coming back to me to see if they can resolve this issue.

I'm due to get my equipment etc delivered tomorrow but still can't log in to register my account

I'm still waiting for IT to come back to Me. My services were installed on Thursday and still have no access to My virgin media.

Just missed a call from Virgin Media I'm at work so can they call back between 1 and 1:30.

Thanks for coming back to us @Stewrog1982.
I have looked into this and can see that the ticket is still in progress at the moment and the team will be in touch as soon as they have resolved this for you.



Thanks for coming back to us @Stewrog1982, I will add notes to your account to see if they can call you back. As the time you indicated has now been passed. What would be the best time for the team to get in touch with you for the rest of today or tomorrow? 





Thanks for coming back to me , I am available eveyday between 1 - 1:30 every day and also after 6.


Thank you @Stewrog1982


I have let the agent that raised the ticket know so that they can add this time request for you.


Thank you. 

Had all equipment delivered yesterday and manged to register account on the virgin app