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Registration problem

Joining in


Any change you could complete my account registration for me please?
I'm stuck on the part where the system says it has sent a confirmation email to my email address but one never arrives.
The system knows my email address as its already sent me a bill (days before I even got my sim card!)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey KidCharlemagne, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are struggling to make an online account.

If you have set this up correctly you should have an email.

Have you checked your junk or spam emails by any chance? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Thanks for the reply.

So I've found the problem.

Some bug in Gmail is auto deleting some emails straight to Trash without passing through the Spam folder.

While *some* emails from go to the correct folder....others go straight to trash.

Very bizarre.

Anyway sorted.

Now to figure out what Gmail is up to....I have no filters or redirects that would account for such odd behaviour.


Can log into my account on my desktop PC OK

Now just need to figure out how to sign into the app!

Thanks for getting back in touch and letting us know KidCharlemagne. 

Do you need any further assistance with logging in to the app? 




Thanks for the reply.

Weirdly I can log in to my mobile account  on my desktop PC but not in the app on my iphone.

I've deleted the app and data and reloaded it, changed the password...all  to no avail.

I've about given really shouldn't be this difficult.

I do have a different email/password for my BB and my mobile account.

But that surely can't be the problem.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey KidCharlemagne, thanks for your posts and replies.
Sorry to see you're still having issues logging on your email account via the App, we're eager to help further with this.

Is it an Apple device using iOS or android, where the issue occurs?
Also, have you tried to update your email settings on there and type in the new password created?
What is the error you get each time you try logging to this email account and is it the VM App you're using or another App, to make sure of this too?

Please, let us know and we can assist further.

Forum Team

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So I received a bill for my virgin mobile phone to my email address

I use that same email address (and the password that I successfully used to log in on my desktop windows 10 PC 1 minute ago) to try to log in on my Apple iphone 13 running ios 16 on the Myvirginmedia app.

On my App it shows (see screenshot below)

virgin log in.png



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for this reply and for explaining more, KidCharlemagne.

Sorry to hear you're having some issues with accessing both the mobile and broadband features. This is because to connect to your Hub you need to be on Wi-Fi, but to see mobile, you need to be on mobile data. This is a limitation that we will fix in a future release, however, until then, once you've logged in on mobile you can turn your Wi-Fi back on and connect to the Hub too.

Please, let us know if this helps with your issue. 
Happy to assist further if you still have trouble accessing any of your accounts with us.

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs


Thanks for the reply.

I can't sign into my Mobile account on the app on my iphone whether I'm on Wifi or on mobile data with wifi off.