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Virgin won’t allow me to create a password 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @alexgreen21


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community. 


I am sorry to hear that.


Could you expand on this please?


Are you trying to create a password for an email account or your My Virgin Media account please?


What error message are you getting?


Please pop back to us when you can. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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It is for my virgin media account. When trying to get into internet virgin is blocking my access and stating I need to access my virgin media and amend my access rights within settings. The problem I have is it won’t accept my original password and asking me to create a new one following the criteria virgin has put in place. Whenever I do this and get to the eighth character it continuously tells me it is invalid. Please help with this ASAP  as I depend on the internet 



Hi Alex, thank you for returning to update us!

So sorry to hear of your current situation. I will send you a PM to confirm a few account details so we can investigate and offer further support. You will find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 

We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. 

All the best!