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Password Reset not working for MyVirginMedia

Joining in

Hi there,

(Might be the wrong board so apologies, didnt know which one to choose)

Bit of a odd one,  I have an account set up, but cannot change the password as it says "You can’t reset your password online right now, as you don’t have additional details set up on your account". Unsure what's missing could you please assist me? 

Many thanks 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Declan98, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that the password reset is not working, does this happen with multiple devices, Can you confirm which browsers you have tried? This could mean the security questions, have you set them up? - Chris. 

Hi Chris,

I've tried multiple different devices and different browsers as well. I have no idea how to set them up as I can't get access to the account.

Thank you for your response @Declan98.

To further look into this, I am sending you a private message. Please look out for the purple envelope and provide a response when you can.


Forum Team

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