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Passsword Requirement not met

Joining in



I have been trying to set a my virgin media account but I am getting the error message with the password.

I have tried all previous suggestions from the  other questions and still does not work.

Please can you help me set up an account 

Many thanks



Forum Team
Forum Team

Morning Pdeleon17,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you're having some issues setting up your online account. Can you confirm if you've had a My Virgin Media account at a previous address at all? Have you tried registering with an alternative email address?


Thanks for the reply Alex.

Nope this will be first time setting up my virgin media account.

will try registering through an alternative email address. Please can you confirm whether emails causes an issue I.e Gmail

Many thanks 

Thanks for confirming, when setting up a password try the following criteria- No special characters, only letters and numbers, MUST begin with a letter, try keeping it between 8-10 characters.

Using Gmail addresses etc shouldn't cause any problems.


Thanks -  yup tried all the above and it still doesnt work.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Pdeleon17, thanks for confirming and sorry to hear this has not resolved your issue with creating a password and completing your online registration.

I will send a PM here shortly so we can look it up and help.

Please, check the top right-hand side of our page to find a purple envelope.
Click on this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

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