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My Virgin Media

Joining in


An error comes up when I log on to my account, « « oops something went wrong here »

And I can’t access it can someone help?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @DefBond, thanks for your post although I'm sorry you're having problems accessing your My Virgin Media account.

Have you been able to log in since your message last night?

If not, can you please try a different browser and let us know how you get on? Failing this, can you please also try to clear your cookies/cache to see if this helps too?

Many thanks


Hi Tom,


yes I have, safari, chrome etc and still not working and also the app itself.

Hi @DefBond thanks a lot for your reply.

That's strange, there isn't a known issue with that message displaying at the moment, do you have a different device you can try perhaps, and also try in Private/Incognito mode in your browser? Failing this, can you please reset your password and try this again?

What is it that you need to access your account for online please and I'll do my best to advise? 

Many thanks