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My Virgin Media showing old account after moving house

Settling in


I moved house last month and My Virgin Media is still showing my old account - I followed a link in the email I got for my latest bill for the new contract to view it, but then I see my old account and I can only view the last bill for that account.

If I try to register an account using my new contract number it says I'm already registered.

Can my account be updated to show my new contract?

I found plenty of posts from people reporting the same after moving, why is this not done automatically?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon @aejsmith, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues registering for the new self-care account, with the new details seemingly not working.

Have you possibly attempted to register with an alternative E-Mail address?

Once this has been completed, you would be able to change the login details and contact E-Mail address in the self-care account via this link.

Kindest regards,


Wouldn't that just tell me that the email address is already in use when I try to change the login details after creating a new account?

Can't the existing account be updated to show the new contract? It's not like I've opened a new account, I've gone through the moving house process so surely it should be the same account.

Thanks for coming back to me @aejsmith.

When moving to a new property, and going through the moving process, effectively a new account is created as a new account number and possibly area reference number is generated.

Do please try registering for the new account with an alternative E-Mail account and logging into the account with the preferred E-Mail account should be possible, upon manual change via the link provided.

Kindest regards,