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My Virgin Media app not working

This is my second post on this topic as the last one seems to have dissapeared. I have been recommended twice now from my comments on google play to post here and have had no response.

Most of the areas on the app give the oops something has happened comment inconsistently but I have never been able to see any details int he my package area of the app. It just sits with the virgin symbol spinning around.

I have tried this on multiple devices as well as uninstalling and re-installing.

Android 6 and 7 devices. has the same response on both.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: My Virgin Media app not working

Hi fizz, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about the issues you have had downloading the app. 


The only other post I can see you made you regarding the app is here: Oops something went wrong and I can see Karen did reply to you. 


In order for us to take a look at this we will need a specific example. 


Can you choose one device and start from the beginning on it. 

Delete the app and restart the device. 


Then re-download the app and sign in. Once signed in, navigate to the section where you're having the issue and let me know what it says. 


If you get the spinning symbol let me know:

  • What device are you using (Full make and model)
  • What operating system and version number (eg Android 7.0, iOS 9)
  • A description of the problem - any error messages and screenshots are really useful.
  • Can you find the information on the My Virgin Media website: ?
  • Are you connected via home WiFi, public WiFi, or 3G/ 4G?

Speak soon,

Forum Team

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Re: My Virgin Media app not working

This has been going on for months!! The facilities work via PC so it's something to do with the app. Even before you can sign in you get the yellow box message "sorry we're having a few technical blah blah. WHY???

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