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Help plz with setting up account.

On our wavelength

I have just signed up to VM and I get emails to advise to setup up online account.

I have tried multiple times and also spoke to customer services and they could not do it so have raised a ticket.

It will not accept any password I try. I have also tried a different email address but keep getting the same issue. Please can anyone help?IMG_1506.png


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Andybassa,

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear you're struggling to sign up for My Virgin Media.

Have you been installed yet? If not, sometimes you won't be able to sign up for My Virgin Media until your equipment has been activated. I appreciate this error indicates an issue with the password, however it sounds like you met all the criteria.

If you have not yet been installed, when is your installation date? If a ticket has already been raised, we'd recommend waiting until activation.

Kind regards


On our wavelength

Thanks for the reply I am due to go live on Tuesday 27th.