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Getting Started: Downloading

Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

Downloading the My Virgin Media app

We think you'll love the new My Virgin Media App - a handy sidekick to your service which offers the support you need at your fingertips.

All you need to do is to download and install the app, and then sign-in using your Virgin Media account details. Just click on the relevant app store listed below.

Device compatibility

The My Virgin Media app is available for devices running Android 5.0 and above, or iOS 9 and above.

Please note, we don't offer a Windows phone version of the app. However the app will work on Android and iOS tablets, although the display is optimised for use on phones.

If you get a message saying that your device is not compatible, then please check that your device is running a supported operating system.

How to check


Each Android device is different, but usually this information can be found in the device Settings menu. Look in About Phone (or About Device) and then Software info. This should contain the Android software version. Remember, we're looking for 5.0 or above.

If your phone has an older version of Android, then you'll need to see if you can update it to a later version.
Find the System updates / Software updates / Download updates manually option.

If your device can't find a new version to update to, then it's possible that it can't upgraded to Android 5.0 or above, and therefore can't support the My Virgin Media App.


Tap Settings, General, then About. Your iOS version will then be displayed.

You'll need to be running version 9 or higher in order to use the My Virgin Media App, so if you're on an older version,  tap on Settings again, then General, and the Software Update to start the update.

Need more help downloading the My Virgin Media App?

Pop a post in the My Virgin Media App forum and let us know the following:

  • What device are you using
  • What operating system and version number (eg Android 7.0, iOS 9)
  • A description of the problem - any error messages and screenshots are really useful.
  • Are you connected via home WiFi, public WiFi, or 3G/ 4G when trying to download?

We'll then take a look.