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Cant verify my virgin media account

Tuning in


Please can someone help as i am a new customer since moving into my first home and i have set up my account on the my virgin media app. However i need to register my account but no emails have been sent from virgin (i have checked junk). Also i need this app to easily view my bills etc. Tried ringing but no help and i was cut off!

I know my email is working as i requested to change my password and recieved the email to do so. I am getting frustrated and worried as its difficult keeping on top of everything when moving into your first home and the app seems a great tool to help with this but so far i have had no luck! 😞

Please can someone help me!!!!


Tuning in

I'm having the exact same problem mate, so are plenty of others. 

There is an item I've seen somewhere on here that says the Virgin Media tech people tried to tweek the code that relates to this process and that's what's caused the problem. They've rolled it back and are working on a fix but some are still having issues, including you and me. 

I've started getting emails to verify, but when I click the link I get a message telling me the link has expired, so I'm assuming these might be emails generated from my attempts yesterday.

I posted on here a few hours ago, so if I get a solution before you do, I'll try and let you know how to resolve it if I can. 

oh no sorry to hear youre in the same boat 😞

And thank you i will do the same 🙂

Hi there @EGM01


Thank you so much for your first post and welcome to the forums, were so happy to have you on board! 

I'm so sorry to hear that you are facing this issue! Are you  able to check the email by doing the following:


Selecting the Inbox folder > Sort > Date > Descending.


Does the email show then? 


Thankyou also to @Sparehead2 and I am so sorry you are facing this issue after verifying. We are aware of this effecting some users, but the accounts have been verified despite the message. 


Are you able to try and sign into My Virgin Media? 


Hi @ash_c

No I can't log in because it's asking for a password. When I put the password in that I have over the phone when I ordered it isn't recognised. When I try to change it I'm told I can't do that because I haven't set anything up!

This is ridiculous and infuriating! Can we please get this sorted NOW, so I can begin to enjoy my holiday. [REMOVED]


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Sorry @Sparehead2 I cannot set a password for you via a public forum and I would not recommend posting private information via here.


The information you would use would be the username and password that you registered the My Virgin Media account with, this password is not the same as the one we request over the phone that you set up with us when you call. 


I can see you are currently in a PM with my colleague who is assisting you, please do respond to their message and they will do all they can to help. 


Thank you. 




no that doesn’t work, I am needing a new verification email as the one I had is now saying it is expired and when I request a new one it doesn’t send.

could you put me onto IT support or something please 🙂 

Hi EGM01,

Thank you for reaching back and for trying the advised steps, sorry to hear you still haven't been able to get the verification Email, so I can try to help further I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received please click on the purple envelope to accept.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi EGM01,

Thank you for joining me in a private chat and for clearing security, glad I was able to get you into your Online Account where you can ow manage your account, check your bills and make some changes.

If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to reach back out?