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Cant verify email address

Joining in


I can't log in to my virgin media account. This has been an on-going issue for months. I've just spent 90 minutes on a call with an advisor and still not been able to resolve. If I try to verify my email address, I get the link and as soon as I click the verify link, it says it has expired. I'm clicking the link instantly as it comes into the mailbox. I've tried this on different browsers and devices.

If I try to log in with my email address and password it says I need to verify the email address.

Can someone help? 

Kind Regards


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Lewisward07.

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our Community.
Sorry to hear you are having an issue setting up your online account.
I'd like to take a look into this for you as it clearly has been ongoing for far to long now.
If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check the Logo top right of your screen that would be great.