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Cannot sign into My Virgin Media

Joining in

Evening all,

A new customer to Virgin Fibre here and I’m in the process of setting up my account, but I just can’t seem to sign into My Virgin Media!

I’m trying to sign in via web browser in order to remove the parental lock. I’ve tried on my laptop and phone, as well as using different browsers either in incognito mode or normal. 

Can anyone shed any light in regards to this?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello @NickHall95,

Thanks for the post and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear you've had issues signing up for an online account with us, recently.
Please, be aware that you should be able to sign up with no issues once your services in the property are installed and your equipment is up and running.

Could you please, advise since you stated you are a new customer if your installation is complete or not yet?
Usually, customers receive an email to confirm they can create their online account as soon as the set up is complete and broadband is running in the house.
Let us know what applies in your case, happy to help you.

Forum Team

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My services are up and running, but I’m yet to receive an email letting me know that I can create an account. I seem to have managed to create an account that will work within the app, but bring back the error message every time I try to access My Virgin Media via a web browser. 

Hi Nick,

Thank you for reaching back out and for the update, glad to hear you have been able to set up an online account and can sign in Via the App, have you tried a different browser and device to see if you can sign in here?



Morning Paul,

I’ve tried singing in on multiple devices using multiple browsers and no further forward. Cleared the caches for each browser as well as try signing in using incognito mode and nothing. 

Hi Nick,

we are aware of some issues with our online log in, as you are able to sign in Via the app we advise using this until this has been resolved.



I’ll check back in a week, that should be hopefully plenty time for this to be resolved.