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Can't Check Service Status or Perform Equipment Checks

Tuning in

Been having an issue with my Broadband Speed since Virgin Carried out some essential work in my area over a week ago. I wanted to perform a check on the service status for any known issues and failing that perform a check on my equipment to rule out any issues.

I'm having an issue on the Virgin Media App and also the Virgin Media website that is preventing me from accessing and using either feature. When I try to check my service status I am being prompted to enter my Post Code and the last name of the account holder, which I do. I'm then greeted with the message, "As there’s more than one home with these details, enter your house name or number." so in the new box that's appeared I enter my house number and then click the 'Check' button. Nothing happens after this. I've tried on different browers on my PC and can't get any response from this page.

I assume the system is having a bit of a problem with the fact that my house has two virgin media accounts active, my own that has broadband, tv and phone and then another member of the family has their own separate account for a second broadband line. So I'm guessing the system can't determine which account or which equipment I want to check and test?

I never had this issue previously on the website, prior to the redesign, I'm also surprised that on the App, having logged in with my account details it can't determine which account or equipment I want to check. I'm also surprised that the App wants to open a browser on my IOS to take me to the login screen for the Service Status page and can't do this from within the app.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @cwatty

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. I am sorry to hear of any service issues. I've managed to run a check on the system based on your Forum details and no issues are showing, all levels are fine. There are more checks we can do for you however, we'd need you to put the hub in router mode if possible?

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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