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Can not register

Joining in


I am getting the same problem a lot of people seem to have where when I try to register it just tells me sorry to see you go.





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi messer314,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues trying to register for an online account.

Can we ask if you have been installed yet? If you have not, you will not be able to register for an online account until your services are active.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Hi Jodi,

No my install date is 15th July and my direct debit is set up already.

All the information I am getting from Virgin is telling me to register now, why do I have to wait for the install to happen?

I dont want to wait for the install to happen to find out I cant create an account.



Thanks for getting back to us messer314.

Apologies as you should still be able to register for the online account but you may be limited on what you can do until the services are installed. 

As you are having trouble registering, can you please confirm if you have attempted to complete this using different browsers/devices? Also have you cleared your cache and cookies?

If you have completed these steps and are still having issues, please can you send us the link you are using to register. 

Thank you,





Hello Nat,

I have tried both on microsoft edge and on the ios app. I retried after clearing cookies with the same result.

The link I am using is Register My Virgin Media Account | Virgin Media

Thanks for helping



Thank you for your reply and confirming the steps taken.

Before we look in to the next steps to resolve this issue, can you please try downloading the My Virgin Media application on your phone. Once you have this, can you please attempt to register from there and let us know how you get on? 

Thank you for your patience. 



Yes i have tried on the ios app on my phone for my virgin media and it says the same thing 'We're sorry to see you go, Now you have left us, we've closed your account and you can no longer register for my virgin media'.



Just to confirm, have you had an account with us before under the same email? If so it may be the case that your email is still attached to your old account. If this is the case, please try using an alternative email and let us know if you are able to register.


Forum Team

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I may of had an account like 16 years ago, honestly cant remember if it was under my name/email.

I have arranged a new service to begin on 15th July using this same email.

When I chose to register it says 'Please enter the email address you used when purchasing your services.'

Can i safely use an alternative email and have it linked to my service I have set up under a different email like you are suggesting?



Thanks for coming back to us @messer314. Yes you can safely use a new/different email address to register for your online account or if you'd like to use the same email address as you previously had with us, we can do that but we would need to log this with our IT support team to clear it from the system and let you register again with the same address,