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Account sign in problem

Just joined

Hi - I used to have an account with virgin that was cancelled in November. I signed back up to them at a new address and they gave me details for a new account. My old account still exists on the same email address (one using gmail and one google mail), but they don’t seem to have any link.

When I try and log into the new account on the app, it asks if it can sign in using the web browser on my phone. I’m signed in on the web browser to my new account but it keeps logging me in on the app to my old account, which has nothing on it anymore. So I can’t look at my current bills, service, etc.

How can I sign in on the new correct app on my phone? If it would let me type in the email address and password that would be fine but it keeps auto logging in to the wrong account. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Tigerjack92,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome both here and back to Virgin Media,

When you cancel an account then another is opened, the account number changes, you would need to set up an online account with the new account number using a different Email address which hasn't been used for an online account