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"Oops, something's gone wrong!" when trying to reset my mother's virgin media mobile account password

Joining in

I've been trying to reset my mother's virgin media mobile account password for days only to recieve the "Oops, something's gone wrong!" page everytime I input all the details into the website 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello AshanPerera2003,

Thanks for your post and welcome to our Community.

Sorry to hear you are having issues resetting your Mothers Virgin Mobile password.

Can you try clearing the web browsers cache and cookies then try again.

If that fails, might be best to try a different browser.


I've tried clearing the cache/cookies for the browser already, I use google chrome as my primary browser. I used a different browser aswell to which it gave me the same error, even the browser on my iphone gave out the same error

Hello AshanPerera2003


Can I just confirm you are following the steps below.

  • Go to
  • Click Forgotten your password?
  • Enter Log-in email address
  • Enter Your Virgin Mobile number
  • Click Send

You will will then receive a verification code via text message which should arrive within a few minutes. Enter this code into the verification screen and click continue.

Enter their security question details.

If you don't know the  security question you will get two attempts, After two unsuccessful attempts you will be asked if they would like to be emailed a reset password link. You will then receive an email to reset the password which should arrive within a few minutes.


this is exactly what I did, after filling in the virginmedia phone number and email address instead of sending me a code it took me to a page saying "Oops something's gone wrong!".


Hello AshanPerera2003.

Sorry that failed to work.

It is an easy one to fix from here. But we need to pass security with the account holder first. 

As the post is by yourself and the account is your Mothers, its not possible to pass security through yourself. 

I know its an ask, Your Mother would need to set up an account on here and post the query again.

Or you can call 789, allow your Mother to pass security and then you can take the call over.

Sorry it is not an ideal answer from myself.