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pac code: ended contracted - 30 days notice given

after 2 years of having this hand set - unlimited etc - the contract is ending in march off this year - reason given is that i cannot log into the account on the web site an the use of the text service - of trying 2 get an answer with some abuse recived by the agents themselves - few complaints raised nothing concreate back - the srrvice as been off poo - if i got spoken to with a uk agent i would off been hapier an would off stayed  but no it will not happen after it ends i be gone for good -

i was going to pay the £100 fee just to end it even  soner - but no didnt happen or even got an offer no didnt happen - the service is a joke the lowest of the low

ive also canceled my other package with no offer given to ask me to stay  same think again the call centers in india have no clue in how to speak with a customer

to cut it short if our thinking in joing dont - do more research in what you want


ps ive got for a uk provider an also getting freeview far better than that serice v tivo

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