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overcharged monthly contract

Joining in

My new 18 month contract was taken out on 6 March with Virgin for £23 per month and this price was agreed because of being a pensioner and low user. I was promised by the adviser that this amount would not change for the duration of the contract. The May payment was correct.  Since then to date they have charged me £28 per month.  I have made contact by phone to them every month and the problem does not improve. For the last 7 months I have been charged £28 per month.  On 5 September I was told by the adviser over the phone that either the original adviser who set up the contract or his manager would contact me on my mobile phone within the following 7 days and to date I have not heard from either of them. As an elderly pensioner I find dealing with Virgin an impossible task and so frustrating and at this point I really don't know how to deal with them or what to do next as I feel totally ignored.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Rosti, thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised here regarding your package change.

Please allow me to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you.

Kindly expect this to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!
Many thanks