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no end of contract notification!!!


Hi  ,  my  virgin contract inc  superfast fibre , full house bundle & weekend calls ended in April just gone which had previously  been priced at £53 which included a further discount from regular price because I told  virgin my financial situation when I  1st   took the contract out and they  agreed to do the best they could  . Just over a year later unbeknownst to me the contract had ended and I only found out a few days ago when  I thought to enquire about how long was left I was told it had already . No letter (which I specifically requested as contact ) No  email  & no text !!  Receiving plenty of advertisements during this time from them  but No notification! I was then told for the last 2 months my contract had then gone up to £110  with the service down a lot more  within the last 2 months !!  Especially With this current pandemic going on   I am a type 1 diabetic with a lot of other things to worry about !   And new laws  I'm told from Ofcom    that all broadband/mobile/homephone providers are required to give 30 day end of contract notification system via email/txt letter   and current  customers rang  before end of contract with new deals ?!     Also  that the providers  will carry out annual price review for vulnerable customers as myself & partner  are  to ensure  that we were on the best deal for our needs  providing Automatic Discount to the bill  where appropriate  when customers dont respond !!  Straight from  ofcom  & CISAS  who I will be contacting if this isn't  sorted ! I was barely happy paying the 53 with the service I'd had for the past 2 months and had forgotten to report  amid the current world pandemic    and now virgin say they cant reimburse me   a customer of well   over 10  years  !!  That doesn't include the 2 terrible call centre colleagues I dealt with refusing to help at all    !!   Luke

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