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mobile upgrade parked

I have been a virgin mobile member for a very long time and have held numerous mobile contracts in the past.

I also still have a virginmedia contract too.

Today, I phoned up to upgrade as I have been out of contract for  a fair few years but now feel i need a new phone. I chose a contract that included an ipad and airpods as well. retention department gave me the contract for a better price, credit check went through, never missed a payment- all good!

Lady on phone said to wait for email for signing contract so phone can be sent out- never had a problem with this before...until now. The only email i received is- 'as discussed this order has  now been parked'

I phoned up and the guy on the phone said - there must be something wrong with security details and the backroom will look into it and call me tomorrow. This is not the CIA. they've already done a credit check and my details haven't changed!!

I said - no- the backroom can talk to me now. I spoke to his colleague who said the order was 'pending'. At first this satisfied me, but after reading a lot on this forum about 'parked contracts' I am now increasingly both concerned and disgusted. If virgin does not want to give me the phone etc....they should just tell me and I will take my business elsewhere. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: mobile upgrade parked

Hi rhamatalah, 


Sorry to hear you feel this way.


I assure you that you're not being singled out, and every single one of these orders go through this stage. I appreciate that you would want it to be cleared and resolved asap but unfortunately it isn't done like that. The team who puts through the orders would rather release it or contact you if more information is needed, the team in which you would like to have spoken with yesterday are not a team that can be contacted like that, apologies again. The process takes between 24-48 hours. 




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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