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mobile contract - cannot log in or retreive password

few weeks ago ive tried to login with my password an user name

incorrect - so i contacted the web chat team - they reset it so i can request for new password

will not work - then spoke to some one else i need 2 rergister the handset an number etc

wont work

 now they say its my issue when how it was an agent that did this not me

i cannot acces my mobile account to check on payments and for latest deals.

my contract is due up this year - im now looking to end my services with vm the customer service ive recived is a big joke - ive requsted number of times to rest my password or send me a new password - i ve gone round in crcles with it - it seams really virgin dont want my services any more - im happy to leave if they be honest with us an sort an out an issue that was cause by there own

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