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iPhone X delivery and lied to

Hi all

In the same boat as a lot of others here.

Delivery date for my iPhone x was 11/11. I called on the 10th, while actually in the Apple store playing on one, to confirm it’ll be tommorow (11th). Yes I was told l, so I went ahead and bought a nice apple leather case for me and my wife.

Well 11th comes and no info from Yodel so I call VM who say it’s out for delivery and Yodel will contact me.... this is at 10:58.

15:00 - email from Virgin stating that due to the demand they can’t fulfil my order but I should have a update soon

I call VM again on Sunday 12th who now say it is now with Yodel and the delivery will be the 13th. I ask him to please double check, I get nice music for 3 minutes. “Yes sir it’s out for delivery and will be with you tommorow”. I call Work and arrange cover so I can be in for this delivery

Now you all know what happens here.... no info from Yodel and no delivery. Yet again call VM who state that no, no delivery date is on and even if they reprocess the order (why on earth I would want to start again l) that it would be December 2nd now. I ask to cancel both of the 256gb iPhone x’s but they assure me i will have an update in 24/48 hours and credit the account with £50.

Well, today is the 14th and I can be certain they won’t update me today... or tommorow for that matter. So I’m stuck in limbo here!

What on earth do I do to get a straight answer of a delivery date. Surely someone in VM can help, two of these phones are a lot of money and commitment to VM yet the service I am getting is both being lied to and no one taking ownership and caring.

One very unhappy VM customer