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How do you get to speak to someone in the UK to resolve issues with Virgin Mobile and their atrocious customer service?? I took out 2 SIMS last Jan through Carphone Warehouse and rang and cancelled them the next day when I discovered I couldn't do WIFI calling at home with them. I have had nothing but hell ever since with 2 separate debt collection agencies pursuing a non existing debt for cancelling them!!! After weeks of trying I spoke to someone in India who told me (as they did when I cancelled - as I had a 14 day right to do so without charge) there was no charge to pay and yet I have had to keep responding to debt agencies to sort Virgin's flipping mess out!!! One of them finally wrote to me to say Virgin had closed the case back in September and I had an automated email from Virgin saying accounts were at zero but the other agency just contacted me again today pursuing there money! I have recorded all phone calls I have managed to have with Virgin assuring me there is no debt so why is this still happening........?? I can't complain directly as I don't have an actual account set up with Virgin and the first thing they want in their automated online process is your account number!!!!! Somebody please help me stop this stressful and appalling action.... thanks

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