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being charged even though never received sim card, debt collection threats

Late last year, I ordered a sim card monthy bundle but it never arrived. I tried to get in touch with VM to find out where it was, they never got back to me. I tried sending messages via the virgin media contact route because for the mobile the link didn't work. 

They never got back to me. I cancelled my direct debit because I saw they charged me even though I wasn't using their sim card. Then later I kept on getting emails saying I owed money. I tried to get in touch. The first person I spoke to was incredibly rude and hung up on me, trying to insist I had to pay charges. 

The second person I spoke to, Spar was nicer and said he resolved it. He confirmed that the account was closed and that there were no outstanding charges. I asked for a confirmation email though I never got it. But ok, he said he sorted it. 

I am still getting emails saying I owe higher amounts and now I've received 3 letters saying they are threatening me with a debt collection agency, one (BPO) which has contacted me today asking me to get in touch with them.

I have sent several complaints to virgin, all of them, they say they are going to get back to me, that they are looking into it but NONE of them have actually resolved anything. 

This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received and I'm very lax about customer service having some experience in it. 

All I wanted was my account to be cancelled and no charges brought to me as I never received the SIM card. Is that not fair?

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Re: being charged even though never received sim card, debt collection threats

Hi Ralam, 

I am really sorry to hear this, I can assure you it's not the level of service we aim to provide and it's disappointing to learn of instances like this. 

I can appreciate you're keen to get this sorted so I'm going to pop you a personal message requesting some information so that I can take a closer look into things. 

I look forward to hearing back from you soon


Emma_C - Forum Team
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