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Yodel-lost parcel

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I ordered a new iPhone 13 with iPad to be delivered by the 23/7/21. This was a 4 week wait. Explained when ordering that was the latest date I could wait as my existing mobile was going to my daughter who was travelling abroad with her 2 young children. Received email on the 19/7/21 to advise my order was with the courier yodel. Check tracking on the 23/7/21 del day. Tracking showed received nothing further. Called yodel Sat 24/7/21 advised couldn’t find parcel they needed 48hrs to investigate and to advise virgin media. Called yodel Monday 25/7/21 could not get through to a person, tried there chat but was cut off twice. Phone virgin and was told, not our problem as they had completed their part by providing the phone on time to the couriers. By this time my daughter left the country phoneless. I have tried to put in a complaint to yodel but just got the same chat response we need more time. After many calls to virgin with the same we are investigating and need 3-5 days. I called to leave virgin and was told by the person that I was responsible for the phone and I pad, I would need to wait until Yodel found the parcel and delivered it, then I could sent it back. I was furious and asked to speak to a manager, he cut me off. Called back to make a complaint, was told it was being raised and someone would contact me within 2 hrs. I received 3 generic emails advising how to manage my money, bill and airtime. I have no option but to wait til Friday for virgin to complete their investigation. Then it will be either carry one waiting til parcel turns up or virgin May re send. I am absolutely disgusted not only with Yodel but also by the customer service from Virgin Mobile


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sharonalander, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I am sorry to hear of the experience you've had here - this isn't good to hear at all. When something like this does happen - we are able to raise it with Yodel so they can complete an investigation into this, as you can appreciate that they are the courier and we need to wait to receive the information back as to what is happened, as when it leaves us it does sit with Yodel. What the team have advised is correct - they wouldn't be able to cancel this until we have received the information from Yodel.  


I can see from the information on our system that this has already been raised from our side. This would mean that it is already in the process of being investigated and we would need to await the outcome of that. Unfortunately at this moment in time there is nothing further that can be done - it is with the relevant team. 


If you want to pop back Friday on the forums to check if there has been an update - that wouldn't be a problem at all. 




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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