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Warning to others - VM can destroy your credit score!

Joining in

I just wanted to put this out there to warn others. Virgin mobile placed a default on my credit report without giving me a notice. Apparently in their contracts they are not legally required to send you a bill or give you a default notice before issuing you with a default on your account. Having been unaware I had a default for 4 years, I now cannot lend for my mortgage and cannot move into the house we had an offer accepted on. Have been in touch with an agent and manager already on the forum and have been told virgin no longer have evidence of my contract or the notice letter which they claim was sent. Apparently it is on me to provide evidence that I did not receive the letter.

Since I am no longer a customer, they do not care that they have ruined my prospect of owning a house in the next two and a half years. They don’t care that we were about to move into a house 2 months before our first baby is due and that my mental health has been left in ruins over this. Please be careful when cancelling your phone contracts with virgin media! It seems they have done this to lots of people.