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Virgin never take a complaint seriously

I am not happy as I asked my virgin if I could have a £15 credit limit when I took out the monthly pay sim card and I was assured I could do this. When I called to query my billing amount which I could see on-line without the actual bill having been generated I was told firstly I had a credit limit of £100.00, then that I had a credit limit of £50.00 when I said that wasn't right. I said I wanted to cancel my sim card due to the large bill I received and I was going to take out a Tesco sim card instead as I could put my own amount of credit limit on that on-line myself to prevent big bills. I was then offered a credit limit of £15 and the lady said she would do this straight away which I asked her to do although I said I would still like to cancel.
I was told this wasn't possible because I had put in a complaint on-line to Virgin and the computer system wouldn't let the lady from Virgin cancel it.  This all happened on 22 April and no-one has ever tried to get back to me and I have tried calling today from my landline and mobile but it says the other person has cleared and I can't even talk to anyone now!!! I have been with Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile for years but this is just rude and bad service.

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Re: Virgin never take a complaint seriously

As far as I know, £50 credit limit is the minimum Virgin allow on sim-only's, this is most probably why she could not set a £15 limit on the system and was not due to you raising a complaint, why she offered you a £15 credit limit is another issue to add on the list :-)
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