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Virgin mobile handset - change direct debit

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I have a virgin mobile handset that i am paying off. There is roughly 1 year left on the contract, but i want to change the direct debit. I have tried all sorts and cant find anyway to do this? I have got to a page that asks for a security code? But no idea what this is. Can someone help me please

Thank you


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Lainey87,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your handset loan, we can resend the information to you about this, so that you can login to check or you would need to speak to O2, to have this looked into further as they now manage handset loans, you can reach O2 using the methods here. If you'd like us to resend the information over to you, please let us know 👍

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Hi, its nothing to do with o2. I pay o2 for my sim only contract. But i pay virgin for my handset. The handset loans stay with virgin and thats who my direct debit is paid to

Apologies for the confusion Lainey87, from what you have advised it sounds like you have access to the loan agreement and self care options. on the login page it advises underneath where it asks for the security code what this is 🙂



This forum seems pointless lol. I want to change the direct debit bank account or pay off the balance in full. Its thats simple. There is no way to contact virgin mobile. O2 cannot deal with this as its a contract with virgin mobile. When logging into credit agrement it doesn't allow you to pay. Everyone else on this forum has the EXACT same issue. I just want to pay my bill lol

Sorry for any confusion caused @Lainey87 

Virgin Media and O2 have merged into one company and as such Virgin Mobile is no longer a service and all mobile queries are now dealt with through O2.
O2 will have access to your loan agreement that was made with Virgin Mobile and you will be able to make full payment or change your direct debit details for your loan agreement through O2. 

You can contact O2 directly from your handset on 202 or on 0344 809 0202. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

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To anyone reading this. Ignore the 'forum team' they have no idea what there doing. Once you miss the payment you will get a sms with a link of how to pay, also a phone number to call. This phone number is not given out by this forum, or virgin, or o2. Number is 03452340753.. Hope this helps. Don't waste anymore time on this forum

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Proof its nothing to do with o2 like the 'forum team' say. Don't waste any time on here


Thanks for coming back to us @Lainey87.

If you're able to call our dedicated team via 0345 602 4420, they should then be able to help with this request for you



Lol goes to show your a bot 😂