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Virgin mobile contract switch to O2 mobile contract problems

Tuning in

Being charged for both sim contracts even though not yet activated O2 Sim and also being charged more than agreed (on phone with Virgin agent) - not received any contracts for O2 SIM so don't have the details to, or any idea how to (or who to), contact to sort out O2 problems 


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Hi there lizzymadray,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Apologies for the issues faced regarding this, may I ask are both contracts under O2?

Let us know,


We had a OOmph unlimited SIM on our Virgin Media contract - we have upgraded our media contract and as part of this Oomph SIM switches to O2 SIM contract - although we have not yet activated the O2 SIM yet as it is unclear whether the phone number will transfer automatically or we need to contact O2 with PAC code (Virgin agent suggested it would happen automatically on phone) we have been charged £25 by O2

Also as part of same transaction he recommended switching other Virgin SIMs to O2 contracts - the amounts we were due to pay on these two switches should have been almost the same as we were paying for our Virgin contracts - £11 and £14 pm (approx) BUT before my son has even activated his O2  SIM we have been charged another amount of £25 by O2 which is not right should only be £14ish.  For my SIM contract (the £11 one)  we have not yet received a SIM as O2 would not let us set up a third ddm from the same bank account so I know that no payments can be taken yet for that O2 SIM contract as we have not sorted that yet - so something has gone wrong and we are being charged too much by O2 - I don't know which company we should be contacting to resolve this issue - in view of the problems we would rather revert to our original Virgin SIM contracts as we were receiving a family discount on these and seems like at the very least we will be paying more with O2 WHICH WE DON'T WANT TO DO!



Thanks for the response there,

With regards to the SIM, once set up with O2, the service would begin once they are successfully delivered to the property.

Secondly just to touch on the SIM transfer, the number would only transfer if there was a PAC code request from ourselves and O2 were contacted regarding this, if you text 65075 and follow the steps provided then you should be able to give this to O2, did the agent advised that we'd complete this process?

Finally regarding your son's SIM, was this a separate O2 SIM from your Volt one? If so was that set up via O2?

Thanks again,


The agent implied that it would transfer automatically.  The O2 SIM contract for my son was set up by the Virgin agent on the phone when dealing with the upgrade of the media package and the switch of the oomph SIM to O2 and the same was implied that the number transfer would be sorted from Virgin to O2, and it was the same for my switch to a new O2 SIM, but this hasn't gone through yet because O2 wouldn't accept payment of all three SIMs from the same bank account!  All three Virgin phone contracts on our account now have a PAC code on them, all triggered by the Virgin agent on the phone.  The Virgin agent advised us that we needed to contact O2 direct about the DDM for my new SIM, but we have no contract details for the new O2 SIMs/contracts (and have not received any copies of these by email - or post) and it is not clear exactly who we should be contacting to sort this mess out, and as I also said the Virgin agent seems to have set up the wrong package for my son's O2 SIM as it was not meant to be more expensive than the existing £14.73 (less family plan discount) Virgin package, but we have been charged £25 twice with different references by O2 which suggests both new contracts are set up for £25 which is NOT what we wanted. 

What doesn't help is we are now already away in France for the next week and a half and don't know who and how to contact someone to sort this out and cancel the O2 contracts for my son's phone and my own and revert to the Virgin contracts as we are not happy with what the Virgin agent has done at all.

Hi again Lizzymadray.

Thanks for replying and for clarifying the above.

We are sorry to see all this confusion caused by the migration from Oomph package to our new Volt deals, as those are now with our partners O2 for mobile.

In regard to the numbers and porting process as well as Direct Debit queries, please reach O2 at 0344 809 0202 and ask them to help with the DD/payments and send you a copy of your deal with them.

About the Virgin part of this deal, I shall be able to check the account and advise on that so I will send you a PM no to do this.
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My Virgin PAC for [removed] expires today but I've not yet completed switch to O2 Volt

- can I extend it?

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Hey lizzymadray, thank you for reaching back out.

If you have not completed the switch yet and the PAC is due to run out today, all you would need to do is request another PAC code and this would be valid for a further 31 days. 

You can get a PAC in a few ways: Sign in to your online account and select Switching to make your request. Text 'PAC' and your date of birth (in DDMMYYY format) to 65075 For example: PAC 01031984. Call us on 789 from your Virgin Mobile or 03456000789 from any other phone. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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