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Virgin media and mobile

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So guys n dolls 

Any help would be great I have virgin media and mobile and also my o2 sim n phone as part of my volt package 

I contacted to upgrade my handset as it was due and the lovely yodel lost the parcel the handset has since been blacklisted and still 2weeks nearly and the loan agreement yet to be cancelled by there so calls back office team whom must be do far in there back back back office as they just aren't contactable even buy people that work for them.

And all I keep getting told is there is nothing that can be done until the old loan agreement is cancelled for the lost handset so without new handset and no update at all

So far from an ex member of staff that until now recommended virgin to everyone as I only left as I moved away from were I used to live otherwise I'd probably still be working there. But I can honestly say my thoughts are thinking do I just leave cancel everything as I'm loosing all hope.