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Virgin gave me the wrong instructions and charged me £50

Tuning in

I was told when I get to the USA to use my mobile I need to turn on roaming for a short while to make it work.  I did as instructed and have been charged £50

Thanks virgin mobile.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Paul123fast, 

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your mobile bill looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

I am sorry this incorrect information might have been given, do you have any transcripts or screenshots of this advice if it was done over text chat? 

We would not advise to turn on Roaming whilst in a country outside of the roam like home scheme, such as the USA. Take a look here for more information on Roaming and here for our Roaming calculator

If we can evidence that that this advice was given by our agents we can help further 😊



It was via the online chat. How do I retrieve the messages? 

Hi @Paul123fast


Thanks for your response


There is an option to send the chat transcript to your email, unfortunately without being able to supply any proof we'll be unable to credit this back



Forum Team

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My account says This action cannot be carried out as the Financial Account has a soft lock active. What does this mean ?  How do I get red of it ? 

Hi @Paul123fast, thank you for your query.

A soft lock is applied to a customer's account once we have let them know that we will be moving them to an O2 plan.

Whilst this is in place, they will be unable to make some changes to their account. This to ensure that they can be migrated successfully.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Still no service. So can't make any calls. No help it seems. Always had problems with this service. Can't use my mobile whilst roaming in any country. No one seems to be able to fix it.  So not getting texts about new service as phone doesn't work. 


Have you been able to try connect to each of the available options?