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Virgin Mobile Service is one of the worst !!!

I have resorted to this as there appears to be no email and ringing then only makes the situation worse (I have rung them several times ,waited for hours, promised resolution but still nothing)

I want to add a pre-existing (VM) sim number to my account that has already 2 additional numbers. firstly the VM reps advised me that it cannot be done, after having been passed around from department to department, one rep converted my monthly to pay as you go so that it may be added to the account.

When all you numbers are on the same account then you can use your login to view all of them.

Days later still nothing !!!


Even though I have not started using my sims (because of this issue) and have advised the VM reps in advance and they have confirmed that they shall nto start until October - I am still being charged. 

I am going to give a few days then lodge a complaint via writing to the obmudmans whilst cc'ing the directors as idenitified by the corporate annual statements. I have no choice, everyone listens, says something, advises something else and then bam, fork in my eye !!

Useless, my bad that I cam across this company - backwards systems, backwards service and definitely the speed is not there across the organisation !



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Re: Virgin Mobile Service is one of the worst !!!

It's definitely possible because I've got  three phones on my account.   

I never had to do anything to put them there though - they just appeared.  

I suppose I was logged into my account on Virgin Mobile when I purchased them all though if that makes any difference.


I don't think you can go to the ombudsman until you have a failed complaint with a company though.   Your best bet to make that complaint is to write to the complaints address in Swansea.  

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