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Upgraded to a 4G ready phone

Old and new  phone both had Virgin contract.  I need to text READY on my old phone - which is a bit difficult cos the screen has gone permanently black, only intermittently comes to life.  But I can wait and try and catch it.  However, my main question - will all my stored numbers transfer to my new sim card? Going to be really difficult to write down all the numbers from the old nearly dead phone!


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Re: Upgraded to a 4G ready phone

Hi benjatbristol,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


You can activate your SIM card via your mobile account online. You can see more information on the SIM activation process by looking here.


Regarding your contacts, If they're stored on the old SIM card then you can put this into the new phone and copy them across. The same goes for if they're stored on a memory card, although this depends on if the new phone is compatible.


If they're stored on the handset then you may have the ability to copy them to iTunes or Kies for example. You may need to do a Google search to know for definite though as I'm not sure what handset you have.


Hope this clears things up for you.



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Can make calls, but no data? Check your "Virgin Mobile APN settings"

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