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Unhelpul customer services

Hi i have been treated so bad by customer services..i got sim for daughter who is in cyprus, i sent it to her and it took 15 days to get there,when she put it in her fone it wouldnt work, so i called them & was told the sim needed activating in uk before she can se it abroad...even though sim hasnt been used they wont cancel contract even though the mis informed me and it was 15 days so a day over the 14 counting delivery from order it would of been only 12 days..ive told them im not paying the payments untill ive spoken to manager.. but yeah they were all busy..Any help would be great...phewww!!!! Rant over, im sweating 🤣

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Unhelpul customer services

If your daughter lives in Cyprus a UK virgin mobile sim is not suituble as its only designed for people who reside in the UK and travel. If its solely used overseas it will get barred after 4 months