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Unable to insert upgrade SIM as not in UK - VM says phone will be cut off!!

Dear community,

I have had another message saying that if I do not insert the new SIM I have been sent in the next week, then my phone will be cut off. I did not request this SIM upgrade, as I am currently in Vietnam and will not be able to return to the UK in the future. 

I have already contacted Virgin twice about this (as recently as last week!) and was assured that the request had been cancelled and I'd be able to use my old SIM for as long as I wanted until I can return to the UK to replace it. However, I have again received an email from noreply stating I need to replace my SIM.

I'm now trying to use the livechat link as I did last week but every time I click it, it loops me back to the homepage without opening a chat. I know they are super busy, but can't run the risk of my phone being cut off while I'm stranded on the other side of the world. I have to be in the UK to activate the SIM, I can't just get it sent here. I also cannot call them (like physically, I have tried all the numbers and all permutations through both my Virgin SIM and my Vietnamese SIM, and it won't work, even though I have been told I should be able to call 789 free from anywhere.)

Is there any way I can be sure that I won't be disconnected? I've had two different conversations with Virgin staff, both of which have assured me that it won't happen, but then I am still receiving urgent emails telling me that if I don't, I'll lose my number, contract, etc. Is there any other link/way of accessing the live chat? Is there an email address for customer support that I could use?

Thanks very much everyone.

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Re: Unable to insert upgrade SIM as not in UK - VM says phone will be cut off!!


VM do not do support via email.

I am afraid that the information you have been told is not right as the SIM swap will go ahead, if you dont replace the SIM then I am afraid that you will loose service, here where there is a problem is that if you did have the replacement you would not be able to swap it as you are not in the UK, new SIMs can only be activated on the home network.

The only way around this is too get the SIM sent to a friend or family member in the UK where they can place the SIM in a phone and activate it and then forward the SIM onto yourself.

The SIM needs to be swap as VM are changing too their own network all be it still using the EE network for signal, to allow them to manage the SIMs themselves.

Regards Mike



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