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Ultimate Volt Bundle- Cancel Just O2 Side

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Good morning everyone I hope you’re well,

A few days ago, I upgraded to the ultimate volt bundle, as the UK team gave me a pretty good deal to renew my contact.

As I now have 2 separate contracts and accounts (one with Virgin for Broadband, TV, Landline), and one with O2 for Mobile, I was wondering if anything would happen to my virgin media contract if I cancelled my O2 Contract within 14 days?

I.e - would i be charged anything extra by virgin media? Would I lose any discounts, etc?


I am not 100% sure I’ll be cancelling O2 but the main reason would be my main mobile number is on another mobile network, as I get 50% off.



Kind regards,


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So I actually re-contracted just over a month early or so in January I think.


So I spoke with retentions straight away and they gave me a deal for the ultimate volt bundle at £100, for 18 months. I was on the legacy ultimate oomph bundle paying £75 and my price would have gone up by a fair but anyway, so it’s always better to lock into a contract if you can.

The way it works, is Virgin Bill me for example, £75 and O2 bill me £25. I’ve got O2 to also make the payment date around 1st of every month.

Now that the sim is provided by O2 though (and not virgin mobile as a MVNO), it means O2 prices go up every year in April.

I hope this helps. 🙂


Take care,


Thanks for your help x

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @steleekezmc


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


It looks as though the confusion has been cleared up now regarding your package, is there anything else I can help you with?



Forum Team

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No worries at all, anytime x. 🙂

It hasn't been cleared up at all - I was told the sim would be free unlimited like my other one on the last package but now I find ill have to pay something for it.... not good at all... in the meantime I'm going round in circles trying to sort it out and getting nowhere.  I'm still in my cooling off period so might end up cancelling yet.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The Ultimate Oomph bundle didn't have a free SIM and no-one should have described it in that way - there was still a cost within the bundle for it.

The difference with Ultimate Oomph is that the cost was included as part of your cable bill, whereas for Ultimate Volt there is separate payment to O2 for the SIM.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own

Thanks for coming back to us @steleekezmc, I apologise if you have been advised by one of staff members that the sim card with O2 would be free, when its actually as @Raident10 described.

I would be happy to take a further look into your account to see what's happening with this, I would need to take a few details via private message so that we can pass account security. If you want me to look into this, just respond to my message and we can get started.




Pleased to let you help me as its driving me crazy.... thanks 

I signed up for the Ultimate Volt package on 17th February paying £25 for the unlimited o2 sim. I checked today  with o2 and they confirmed my payment will increase to £27.93 from April. Bit rich having only been with them one week. I thought of cancelling but will probably stick with it as I got an excellent deal from Virgin for their part of the transaction.

its annoyed me so much as i asked the guy sorting my new package out if everything will stay the same and ill still get my free sim - he said yes but it will be an 02 sim now - he never mentioned a charge at all. I have 60 days cooling off period yet so might end up leaving