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Ultimate Volt Bundle- Cancel Just O2 Side

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Good morning everyone I hope you’re well,

A few days ago, I upgraded to the ultimate volt bundle, as the UK team gave me a pretty good deal to renew my contact.

As I now have 2 separate contracts and accounts (one with Virgin for Broadband, TV, Landline), and one with O2 for Mobile, I was wondering if anything would happen to my virgin media contract if I cancelled my O2 Contract within 14 days?

I.e - would i be charged anything extra by virgin media? Would I lose any discounts, etc?


I am not 100% sure I’ll be cancelling O2 but the main reason would be my main mobile number is on another mobile network, as I get 50% off.



Kind regards,


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Hi @Jorawarb,

It looks like @BenMcr has provided more details on this for you, but if you need any further assistance or clarification then please let us know.



Zach - Forum Team
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Joining in

Just out of interest, how long did it take for you to receive your O2 SIM card?

I renewed my package, changing from the ultimate oomph to the ultimate volt, but it seems impossible to get any answers about where my O2 sim is.


On our wavelength

It came one working day after I put the change/order in

So I think people are saying you would lose volt benefits if you cancelled the £25 o2 sim in the 14 day window but kept the Virgin contract, if you started a new o2 contract for a £5 per month sim (assuming you only need 5GB per month and this is an offer through uswitch) , which part of the T+C's would have been broken then ?

You could then keep the benefits of the VM Ultimate Bundle and keep the sim costs lower..


I may have answered my own question as the "unlimited" sim is specifically mentioned.  

im having trouble getting the sim for this bundle - please can you tell me how you got yours as noboday seems to know

thanks so much

Mine was sent to me directly from O2, via Royal Mail. I don’t really use it though as I use another Large Mobile Network and get a large discount, it’s only because it’s part of the Bundle and makes things much cheaper.

was the sim free unlimited? just when i was on the oomph one i got a free unlimited virgin sim...... im now thinking the 02 one will cost me?

thanks so much

Yes it’s the unlimited Sim I have. 🙂

whats the charge with the sim please as when i agreed to this i was told i would keep my free sim yet now its looking like its a paid sim