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Tried to cancel rolling 30 day sim contract - o2 say its an 18month contract

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Tried to cancel rolling 30-day sim contract - o2 say it's an 18month contract really not impressed we did a home move which virgin media botched up, and now we are trying to reduce outgoings and they are telling me 18-month contract and huge cancellation fee


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @arnyking, thanks for your post here in the Community, although I'm sorry to hear you've had issues with your SIM contract.

Can you advise how you took out the SIM with us please, was this as part of a combined Cable bundle, otherwise known as Volt?

The SIM is part of this contract which is also 18-months period as they're part of the same bundle.

I'm really sorry about this, but all cancellations for the SIM must be directly discussed with O2. If you do have any further concerns though please don't hesitate to let us know.

Many thanks


Well it was a home move from the oompth package and they informed me they had to send out an o2 sim now, and change to zolt, The o2 Sim has awful internet compared to the old virgin sim,also im really unimpressed that im made to discuss with 02 when it was virgin we had, also 02 said i need to discuss with you

Hi @arnyking, thanks for your reply here. 

I am really sorry about this, we no longer offer Oomph packages so it is correct that Volt takes in place on the new address.

What aspect of the package have O2 said that you need to discuss with us? We cannot physically process the cancellations of Volt SIMs unfortunately, the team can only sell them - once this is done all further aspects are dealt with by O2 directly.

Many thanks


Mu isue iswe would not of renewed if we knew the mobiles were moving to 18 month contract,

Hi @arnyking thanks for your reply, I do apologise for this.

You may however still be able to cancel free of charge if you're within your 14-day right to cancel period. Is this so, when did this take place?

Many thanks


I Have been paying this for months, We have been with Virgin for well over a decade, im seriously considering removing my whole package

If this is an O2 SIM card then at this point we would advise reaching out to them so they can discuss the available options for you. 


I have they want £190, Why would anyone choose a virgin mobile contract when its actually o2, I have 3 more virgin simms on another account that are still on rolling 30 days, im considering cancelling them too

We do have Virgin Mobile SIM packages you can take out. The O2 SIM's would be part of the Volt package. Do you have a Volt Package?