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Transfer number to ultimate oomph sim


Tonight I tried to contact customer service to transfer my number onto a new ultimate oomph SIM.

I entered the options for Virgin Mobile and Transfer your number but when I got through they asked if it was part of a Virgin Media bundle and said they would have to transfer me to another team. 

After another 40 minutes on hold I was then told that as it is part of the Ultimate Oomph package it had to be handled by a different team again?!

1 hour and 20 minutes into the call I was still on hold for this team and I gave up waiting as the kids needed to go to bed.

Please could someone advise which team I need to speak to and if there's an easier way to get there as I don't think I can face listening to the songs for that long again tomorrow!

I have my O2 PAC, I just want to transfer the number.

Grateful for any advice, Tom














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