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Transfer Mobile Phone Account

I pay for two of my daughters phones and it is now long overdue that they start paying their own way. Is there a painless way to do this? I have done this for another daughter (there's 4!) on EE and it was relatively painless once I had the right contact. She just had to be with me when I made the call. With the case with EE it was at the end of the contract. With the Virgin Mobile accounts that I want to transfer, one of them is end of contract and the other finishes in a couple of months.

The other route I might go down is to get PAC codes, cancel the accounts, and just tell them to go out and get a contract!!

Any advice?  

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Transfer Mobile Phone Account

Hello @NickJ121,

Welcome back, thanks for posting.

Unfortunately we are unable to do this, the part you mentioned at the bottom about going down another route, this is what would need to be done. I am sorry for the inconvenience this might caused.

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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