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To bundle or not to bundle

Have searched but cannot find, I'm mostly abroad, but want to keep my UK phone/number alive, but since the new roam system, seems can only have that for 4 months before Im being UNFAIR (usage policy?) I dont actually want all the data, but to just be able to make a quick call to home or send a quick text via UK number, do I really have to have all the rest of the stuff, like risking this unfair usage policy etc.
Im finding it hard to explain. Before this latest roam like home, I could put a fiver on sim, and texts were like a penny, and a call to UK number was 4p a min, worked great.. Then after this roam update, i find with my fiver its now 35p a min and texts are 15p a min???
What it used to be long long before they brought the cheaper foreign tarriff ( europe) and before roam like home?
Anyone else feeling like its a mess?
In brief, my fiver is going to cost the old charges? Am i right?

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Re: To bundle or not to bundle

Hi Krina


Thanks for your post and welcome to our community forum.

Due to the new Roam like home functions there is a fair usage policy I'm afraid as per the rules here which you're aware of.

If you do spend more time outside of the U.K. in the E.U. then the policy would affect your usage I'm afraid.



Daniel_G - Forum Team

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