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Tariff change without agreement

After paying off my 2-year contract, my monthly bill dropped to a small amount to continue using airtime, data and texts. This continued for several months and was okay with me, although the phone itself is now outdated and struggling a bit with a mere 8GB internal memory much of which is taken up with Google products which I don't want but cannot remove.)

Suddenly, my monthly usage bill has shot up without notification from VM and without my agreement. When I finally got through to a representative, it was a most unsatisfactory encounter, as I couldn't remember my password so they refused to even discuss the matter - I wasn't asking for anything by which I could be personally identified or of a sensitive nature.

So, after almost 20 years with Virgin, it's time to say goodbye. I can get a new phone on a suitable tariff for only slightly more than VM are currently charging me for usage alone.


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