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Sims barred

Joining in

I've had a few money problems over the last few months and 2 of my contract Sims weren't paid for a while. I've caught up with the payment but neither Sim works now.

Calls are barred to and from those numbers.

Can't even ring virgin to find out the issue.

The overviews of the accounts say they have run out of minutes, texts and data.

How do I get this fixed?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi arekisu, 

Thank you for your post 😊

I am sorry to hear about your experiences with us, if you have caught up on the payments and the account has cleared I can take a look into this for you?
Please be aware we cannot take payments. Keep an eye out for the purple envelope 📩


Thank you.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thank you for messaging with me arekisu, 

I am sorry we were unable to assist. Please reach out to our team on 150/0345 600 0789. If you do not have access to a phone, you can reach our team on WhatsApp 📳+447305 327 112.