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Silly email today about migrating

Hello everybody,

I had taken out a package last July with TV, Broadband, Phone and OOMPH 5Gig SIM as it was a cheaper deal than just the broadband.

When my phone contract with Vodafone ended last month I got my PAC code and applied it to my Virgin Mobile account.

All went through and I have a Virgin Mobile account and using the App on my phone.

So I thought it was a bit odd today when I get an email from Virgin Mobile with my ported number saying I still hadn't activated the SIM. It's been working for six weeks and still working so I wonder why I got this email.

Any ideas?

Email starts:

We hope you’re enjoying your Oomph package so far. We noticed you haven’t activated your mobile SIM yet, and we don’t want you to miss out on all the great stuff it has to offer.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Silly email today about migrating

Hi AdeAlchemist, thanks for getting in touch.


Sorry to hear about the confusion around your VM SIM. I'm unsure what would cause this to be honest, but I'd certainly like to take a look and try to help clear things up. Please look out for my PM (the purple envelope) and get back to me when you can so we can investigate further.





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