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Samsung Galaxy S5

Had numerous problems with my Samsung galaxy from camera not working to losing charge within a day. Phoned virgin again tonight (previously sent a new sim which made no difference)! I now often get no signal despite wifi connection being available and the only way I can receive and send messages is to continually restart my phone. The advice from customer services was to send phone for repairs which can take approx 3-5 days with no replacement phone. I have only four months left on a two year contract and been with Virgin for nearly ten years. This response is completely unsatisfactory, especially as I have discovered these are common faults with the Samsung s5!!! Virgin have just lost another customer as I will not be renewing my contract with them in December. I am sick of shoddy customer service by large organisations so I intend to repeat this message on every review site and hope other people do the same. Otherwise we all deserve the crap treatment and  faulty products we purchase.

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